Additional Research Presentations

Presentations and Posters

ARVO Annual Meeting 2021
Preclinical Evaluation of ADVM-062, a Novel Intravitreal Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Blue Cone Monochromacy

ARVO Annual Meeting 2020
Intravitreal Delivery of AAV2.7m8. Ranibizumab Suppresses Exudative Lesions in the NHP Laser Induced Model of nAMD

ARVO Annual Meeting 2020
Mouse Studies Support Intravitreal Gene Therapy for Blue Cone Monochromacy

ASGCT Virtual Annual Meeting 2020
Proof-of-Concept Studies in Mongolian Gerbils Support Intravitreal Gene Replacement Therapy of Human L-Opsin for Blue Cone Monochromacy

ASGCT Virtual Annual Meeting 2020
Large Scale Suspension Production of AAV Capsid Variant Libraries from Stable Recombinant HEK293 Cell Banks

ESGCT Annual Meeting 2019
In vivo screening of an adeno-associated virus capsid library in nonhuman primate eyes identifies a novel AAV variant with superior retinal penetration and transduction by intravitreal delivery

ESGCT Annual Meeting 2019
Biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of AAVRh.10-A1AT mediated gene therapy in humanized-liver mice as a predictor of A1AT human expression levels following intravenous delivery

ESGCT Annual Meeting 2019
Feasibility of Gene Therapy for Friedreich Ataxia Associated Cardiomyopathy in Non-Human Primates: Evaluation of Delivery Route, Biodistribution and Expression Following AAVRh.10-hFXN Administration

ARVO Annual Meeting 2018
Long-term functional delivery of the human L-opsin cDNA via intravitreal administration of an AAV vector in Mongolian gerbils

ARVO Annual Meeting 2017
Assessment of next-generation AAV variants in gerbil and non-human primate retina following intravitreal injection

ASGCT Annual Meeting 2017
Analysis of gene expression, tissue tropism, and safety of novel AAV variants in mice following intravenous administration